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 Charmer Class Discussion

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PostSubject: Charmer Class Discussion   Charmer Class Discussion I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 29, 2010 10:04 pm

Charmer Discussion

Hotk Description:
The essence of the charmer is enchantment. With alluring movement, graceful dance, and a flutter, it severs the heads of its enthralled opponents.
This weapon invites its enemy to approach, feigning weakness and distress.

Attack Skills:

Ganqi Dance:
Ancient Dancing Skill
Inceases Chi by 15, Has a chance to shock the target
Deals 100% base weapon damage

Whitty Charm:

Attacks target swiftly with charmer
Increases Chi by 5, Has a small chance to shock target
Deals 60% base weapon damage

Gale Charm:

Attacks target rapidly with two charmers, doing two conesective hits. Each strike increases chi by 15.
Has a chance to shock target. Deals 55% base weapon damage.

Butterfly Charm:
Throw your charmer at the target to get the advanatage.
Increases Chi by 10, Stabs the target.
Only can be used out of combat.
Deals 100% base damage, increases attack speed by 15% for 15 seconds.
The effect is disabled after an attack skill is has been used.

Sleeve Charm:
Extends both hands to strike target fearsomely.
Attacks single target, has a chance to shock it.
Deals 210% base weapon damage.

Break the Ranks
The most powerful skill of a charmer.
Attacks up to 5 targets, Restores
based on the number of targets affected
deals 45% base weapon damage.

Healing Skills:

Clanging Charm:
An elegant dance that is appealing to the eyes.
Heals a target over a period of time.

Healing Charm:
A dance that makes you feel the freshness of spring
recovers a certain amount of health to a target instantly

Buff Skills

Drumbeat Charm:
Inspires charmers moral which makes it stronger in battle.
Increase max hp and max power for 10 minutes.

Retreat from battle increases evasion by 25 and increases running speed by 1 yard per second.
Also reduces attack power by 40. Lasts 15 seconds

Heros Charm:
Heroic dance that used to encourage target for 8 seconds.
Raises targets attack power.

Charmer Gameplay Level 25 [ TyLee ]

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PostSubject: nice guide   Charmer Class Discussion I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 4:34 am

Surprised thx for guide and btw easier to drag pick up icon from actions tab to get your loot lol
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Charmer Class Discussion
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