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 Upgrading Tier 5 weapons

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Upgrading Tier 5 weapons Empty
PostSubject: Upgrading Tier 5 weapons   Upgrading Tier 5 weapons I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 2:40 pm

#1 Ugrading Tier 5 Weapon. - 08-20-2010, 05:57 PM
I've been working towards upgrading my weapon and still haven't found out everything. Here's what I know:
To upgrade your weapon, so you can refine it with Exp, you'll need a Cyan Edge Stone.
How to obtain it:
Buy it with a Benevolence Book, which is a drop from the campaign Xiangyang Evacuation, or get it from a quest you can get from Calligrapher Shou in Chang'an once, called 1st Folkmind Book. One of the rewards you can choose, is a Benevolence Book.
If you get Wen Pin's Axe as a drop in the campaign, look for a NPC after crossing the bridge who has a quest for you. If you turn it in, you'll get 1 Benevolence Book as a reward.
It might also be a random drop in the campaign. I'm not sure, since I haven't seen one yet.

Then go to the Forges in the centre of Chang'an and select the one in the middle. Choose the lower "Upgrade Gear" option and upgrade your weapon.

Now your weapon will say 0/5 Grade. When you try to upgrade it using exp however, it also wants a Star Fly Stone.
The recipe for this can be bought with a Folkmind Book, which is also a drop in Xiangyang Evacuation.
The material it requires are:
1 Divine Hammer bought with 1 Benevolence Book from Xiangyang Evacuation.
1 Mo Ye's Blood bought with 10 Loyal Blood Gems, from Hulao Pass campaign.
1 Fighter's Spirit Gold. Comes from Assistant Zhao (217, 98) in Chang'an, Costs 500 Talent.
That should be enough to get your Tier 5 weapon to Grade 1 with 500000exp. I'm not sure if it will require something else for other tiers.

To upgrade your weapon further to Tier 6, you will need:
To be Rank V Officer to use it.
1 Armor Piercing Stone bought with Emperor's Book, which seems to be a rare drop in Xiangyang Evacuation.
1 Brocade Braid. Comes from Assistant Zhao (217, 98) in Chang'an, Costs 100 Talent.

Thanks Archill.

*stole this from game forums , i didnt write it*
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Upgrading Tier 5 weapons
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