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 Title Guide

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PostSubject: Title Guide   Title Guide I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 2:50 pm

-[Stay at Home Idle]---{Temporary}
-[Out of Office]---{Temporary}
-[{Your State}-Officer]-no bonus--obtain once you join a state
-[{Your State}-Citizen]-no bonus--obtain once you join a state
-[{Your State}--Veteran]---no bonus---obtain once you hit lvl 60 in your state
-[{Your State}--Spokesman]--activates state chat---can be obtained in Xiwu Valley

-{Your State}--sub title line for rankings in your state
-[{Your State}-Lieutenant]---no bonus---obtain by being in the top 100 for valor ranking
-[{Your State}-Sergeant]---no bonus--obtain by being in the top 500 for Valor ranking
-[{Your State}--Loyal Ministar]---no bonus--obtain by being in the top 100 for Virtue
-[{Your State}-Assistant]---no bonus--obtain by being in the top 500 for Virtue ranking

-Official Title
-[=Rank VII Colonel=]---Health Max+10---permanent---spend 2000 talent to obtain
-[Rank VIII Major]-Health Max+10---permanent---spend 500 talent to obtain
-[Rank IX Lieutenant]-Health Max+10---permanent---spend 200 talent to obtain

-[=Rank VII Chief Secretary=]---Health Max+10----permanent----spend 2000 talent to obtain
-[Rank VIII Auditor]-Health Max+10---permanent---spend 500 talent to obtain
-[Rank IX Secretary]-Health Max+10---permanent---spend 200 talent to obtain

-[Corporal]-HealthMax+50,Attack Power+2,Defense Power+2---permanent---N/A
-[Veteran]-HealthMax+30,Attack Power+1,Defense Power+1---permanent---N/A
-[New Recruit]-Health Max+10---permanent---N/A
-[Han Dynasty Veteran]-no bonus---N/A

-Story-----{All Story Titles can be obtained by following the quest line of each area or finding items from mobs in that area that start a [side]quest}
-Yellow Scarves
-[Ruthless Careerist/Trustworthy Official]-Attack Power+1,Defense Power+1---permanent---depends on how u answer as to which title u get both give same bonus
-[Peaceful Traveler]-Health Max+30,Attack Power---permanent

-Xiliang Situation
-[Best Yardman]-Health Max+15,Attack Power+1---permanent--N/A
-[Red/White Mohist]-HealthMax+10,Attack Power+1,DefensePower+1---permanent
-[Kirin Boy]-Health Max+10,Exp+1%---permanent---N/A
-[Build a City in One Night]-Health Max+15,Attack Power+1---permanent
-[Artisit of People]-Attack Power+2--permanent
-[Alien Guest]-Health Max+20,Attack Power+2---permanent
-[Invincibility]---Health Max+10---permanent

-Wars in Bashu
-[Guest of the Wuding Union]---{Temporary}
-[Friend of the Wuding Tribe]---{Temporary}
-[Savior of the Wuding Tribe]---{Temporary}
-[Hero of Wuding Tribe]-Health Max+60,Attack Power+2,Defense Power+1--permanent-----THIS TITLE IS THE FINALLY TITLE IN THE WUDING TRIBE TITLE LINE
-[Lone Traveler]-Health Max+30,Attack Power+1--permanent
-[Once Served the Immortals]-Defense Power+1,Exp+1%--permanent
-[Talented Painter]-Health Max+35,Attack Power+2--permanent
-[Captian the Thief]-Health Recovery+1,Exp+1%--permanent
-[Terminator]-Health Max+20,Attack Power+2,Defense Power+1--permanent

-Travel in Nanzhong
-[Puppet Implanter]-Attack Power+2--permanent
-[Elephant Tamer]-Health Max+50,Attack Power+1--permanent
-[The Impressionist]-Attack Power+1,Defense Power+2--permanent
-[Once Traveled around Nanzhong]-Health Max+30,Attack Power+2--permanent
-[Once Traveled around the Springs]-Health Max+60,Attack Power+2,Defense Power+2--permanent

-Story in Kiangnan
-[Who am I]-Attack Power+2--permanent
-[Disciple of Rising Phoenix]-Attack Power+3,Exp+1%--permanent
-[Fan of Zhou Yu]---Health Max+20,Attack Power+1,Defense Power+1---permanent
-[Debate Master]---Attack Power+1----permanent
-[Silk Thief]---Health Max+60,Attack Power+2---permanent
-[Athiest]---Health Max+60,Attack Power+2,Defense Power+2---permanent

-Turmoil in Xiangyang
-[Guru Theif]---Health Max+30.Attack Power+1---permanent
-[Fan of Zhuge Liang]---Attack Power+2,Exp+1%---permanent
-[Artistic Talent/Bookworm]---Attack Power+4,Defense Power+1---permanent
-[Miraculous Foresight]---Health Max+30,Attack Power+3---permanent
-[Red Mohist Leader/White Mohist]---Health Max+80,Defense Power+2---permanent

-[I'll Research Forever]---Health Max+80,Attack Power+2 Defense Power+1
-[The Human Chitu Stallion]----Attack Power+1,Defense Power+3---permanent

-Area{see following link for Area Rep titles}----

-Inn{Following titles can be obtained by buying the quest from each area inn with the area currency}
-[Royal Spy]----Health max+70,Exp+3%----permanent---Guanzhong Inn
-[Guardian Warrior]-Health Max+50,Exp+2%--permanent--nanzhong inn
-[Renowned Detective]-Health Max+50,Exp+1%--permanent--Bashu inn
-[The Wilderness Destroyer]-Health Max+40,Exp+1%--permanent--Xiliang inn
-[Yellow Turbans Killer]-Health Max+30,Exp+1%--permanent--Hebei Inn
-[Sentimental Beauty/Romantic Scholar]---Health Max+60, Exp +2%---permanent---Kiangnan Inn
-[Ghost Hunter]---Health Max +70, Exp +2%---permanent---Xiangyang Inn

-[World Lord]----All Attributes +1----permanent---Finish Lord Quest
-[Heald of Fighter's Spirit]----Health Max+50,Attack power+5---permanent---obtain by upgrading you Battle Spirit 15 times
-[Baimen Tower Herald]----Health Max+10,Attack Power+1----permanent---give 100 jailer seals to LuBu
-[Grand Book Thief]-Power+5--permanent--Jian Gan Theft battlefield

-Event{event related}
-[Laughing At the Land]---permanent---Attack Power+2,Health max+30,Evasion+2,CritStrike+1----obtain by turning in the last 3 treasures(tripods)
-[Embracing Youth]----permanent----stats are N/A atm------obtain by turning in the second 3 treasures(Amethysts)
-[Driving Royal Carriage]--Health Max+10,Attack power+1---permanent---obtain by turning in the first 3 treasures (burners)
-[Fishing Novice]--Health Max+10,Accuracy+1--permanent--obtain with 100 fishing books
-[Guard of Sun Shangxiang]-Health Max+20,Health Recovery+1--permanent--N/A
-[Hero Horn]---no bonus----Complete Clan Assembly Friendship Quest
-[Shepherd Novice]-no bonus---obtain by herding 3 sheep in Xianren Wilderness
-[Shepherd Apprentice]---no bonus---obtain by getting a overall score of 650-700

-[Common Master]----no bonus--permanent----get a apprentice

-Title of Nobility
-[Town Chief]-----no bonus----permanent---Have 2000-4999 honor

*N/A---have either forgot how to get or unsure how it was obtained,,if u know how they was obtained plz post and i will edit and give thanks

*Temporary--means another title needs to be obtained to replace that temp title

**stole this from forums too**
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Title Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Title Guide   Title Guide I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 11:08 am

Your link doesnt seem to work for me atleast for those are reputation titles, so.. here is fixed version of it [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Title Guide
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