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 The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9]

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The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9] Empty
PostSubject: The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9]   The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9] I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 8:22 am

If you are in the Militia clan, this thread will include all of my expectations of each of you. Please adhere to these rules and things should go like a well oiled machine. Any questions can be PM'd to me in-game or posted here. I'm always open to suggestions so if you think I've missed something, let me know!


Clan Notice:

Please do your clan/legion daily quest, every day. Furthermore, now that we control a territory anyone that is over level 50 with 500+ LEGION contribution must do our city development weekly.

Hold onto your Friendship Assembly Orders, we will do them as a clan - please have one with you. I will be available to do them 18:00 - 23:00 EST (GMT-5).

Congratulations all - we have just unlocked Inspire! Our next clan skill to level will be ENDURE.

I will be looking for an unofficial sub-leader that can handle all issues while I am at work. Do not ask for the position. I will privately pick potential candidates based upon overall activity and clan/legion contribution. If you are under 500 legion contribution, you will not be considered (yes, I realize that this excludes all of you at this point). This is simply a heads up for the coming months.



1) You are a member of the Asylum first, Militia second. If Kahlana requests something, I expect that you make your best faith effort in fulfilling that request. The same thing goes for other legion leaders.

1a) If possible, make yourself available to help other legion mates. Treat them as you would like your other clan mates to treat you.

2) Doing clan and legion dailies are a requirement to stay in the clan. This will be tracked and logged by me every Saturday. If for some reason you are unable to log on some days for real life conflicts - I always understand and I will consider such circumstances. If you do not improve during the next week, I will kick you from the clan.

2a) Please let me know if you will be away for an extended period of time (3+ days). You will never be penalized for vacations, sickness, work, ect.

3) Levels come with activity, so I will not hold you to x levels a day. Simply logging on and doing all daily quests will make fair progress. However, it is a simple fact that a large portion of a clan's power is derived by its average level. As such, if you begin fall behind the clan's average level - I will work with you to see if we can catch you up.

4) Have fun! Talk on legion chat, get to know the other members! A good community is more fun for all and a legion with good community is going to be a legion that works well together. Don't be shy, your legion mates do not bite (hard). Wink

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Posts : 12
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The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9]   The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9] I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 2:25 pm

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The Militia Clan - Notices/Expectations [Updated 9/9]
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