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 State War Info Oct 9th

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State War Info Oct 9th Empty
PostSubject: State War Info Oct 9th   State War Info Oct 9th I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 08, 2010 5:14 pm

As we can all see now, Hades has declared war upon us.
Do not despair my friends, before the deadline I will be outbidding them and we will henceforth be attacking them.

How state wars is going to work for this week, is we will have 2 territories to be at. 1 defense, 1 attack.

I am calling upon all high lvls 65+ to focus on the defense at Guiyang to assist Dragons before anything. Our main focus is to be sure we do not lose more land.

Since there are only 2 territories to focus on this week, we will have groups going to assist Dragons, as well as the war upon Hades, but as I stated our defense is our first focus.

I've no doubt between Asylum and the rest of the Legions that we can not only keep our territory but at the very least give hades a good run for their money as well.

Hope this helps everyone, please direct any and all questions to me either here or in-game.
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State War Info Oct 9th
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