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 Getting a bag expansion for free (or other stuff)

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Getting a bag expansion for free (or other stuff) Empty
PostSubject: Getting a bag expansion for free (or other stuff)   Getting a bag expansion for free (or other stuff) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 6:00 am

Most of you prolly alrdy donne this, but for the new people or the persons who didnt know this.

How to get some gold ingots for free (so without paying for them with real life money or ingame gold):

Go to

then login with your ingame account and pass.

then go to purchase ZEN.

Activate your account and accept it in your personal mailbox.

after you've donne that, go to Earn zen.

what you do there is simple, some of the links are sites where you just have to register and fill in a survey.

do this and you get ZEN, then transfer the ZEN to your account and you get ingots to either buy bag expansion's or other stuff.

i alrdy got enough zen to buy a bag expansion, just by doing these site stuff's.

When you are donne with the stuff, just put the e-mail in your spamfolder, and you have no trouble from it no more!!

oh yea one more thing: 1 Zen = 1 silver ingot
100 Zen = 1 gold ingot
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Getting a bag expansion for free (or other stuff)
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