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 CryptKeeper's Basic laws and regulations.

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CryptKeeper's Basic laws and regulations. Empty
PostSubject: CryptKeeper's Basic laws and regulations.   CryptKeeper's Basic laws and regulations. I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 8:12 pm

Basic Laws and Regulations
Follow these simple rules to aside within the legion
This is all basic stuff, but always worth putting up as some people dont have common sense.
*Failure to abide by these will result in a warning, then a banish. Continued problems after banishment will result in relentless pking*

1. Dont fuck with kah, or ill find you, rip off your knee caps, strap them to my knuckles and beat your face in.
Kahlana is our legion leader
2. Women are not to be hit on and/or sexually harassed.
respect women
3. Do not start problems simply because you will have people back you up if you get PK'd.
Not saying dont start anything, but doing so once a day just to feel cool cuz youll have 5+ people come help you will result in a banish.
Don't over react
4. Do not mooch and beg, asking once is fine, if you are told "no" do not keep asking.
Do not take advantage out guild members
5. If there is a problem with someone within the legion, either report it to your clan leader or myself/kah.
If you being a clan leader have a problem with a member from another clan, report it to their clan leader or myself/kah.
*If the problem needs a long explanation, report it to the "report" thread on these forums once Axel puts one on here*
Don't cause unnecessary drama
6. Do not go racial in legion chat; i myself dont mind it but 90% of everyone else does, so respect it.
Stray from racial chat
7. If you are being PK'd by anyone, try not to cause drama in world chat. Instead, inform the legion, and someone if not alot of people, will come to your aid. Anything less would defeat the purpose of a legion.
Don't make our legion have bad publicity
"Screw the reaper, fear the Keeper"
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CryptKeeper's Basic laws and regulations.
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