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 Legion Leveling

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PostSubject: Legion Leveling   Legion Leveling I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 30, 2010 5:05 am

Legion Leveling

Asylum needs its members help to gain points to help advance out legion. Legion leveling helps us become one of the best legions on the server. It will unlock legion wars and gives us the ability to take over towns. Quests given as daily's will provide our legion with exp to help us level. Please help and finish all your legion and clan daily's.

How to help

First do you clan and legion daily's given in the city Changan. These simple quests give plenty of exp and around 20 points. Quests are gathering or boss extermination quests. For some quests you might need assistance from legion members. Please don't be afraid to ask the legion for help on these quests. We need as much points as possible to become the TOP legion.


More members in our legion the more people we have to compete the daily quests. So please try to invite your friends to join our legion. A legion can hold up to 75 members.
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Legion Leveling
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