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 Clan and Legion Daily Quests - Guide (In Progress)

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Clan and Legion Daily Quests - Guide (In Progress) Empty
PostSubject: Clan and Legion Daily Quests - Guide (In Progress)   Clan and Legion Daily Quests - Guide (In Progress) I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 9:47 am

Alright, I know we have been talking about this in legion for some time so I thought I'd go ahead and get the ball rolling. Doing these quests are an absolute requirement has they directly drive our legion level and strength of clan skills. Once this guide is complete, there should be no excuses as to why you can't do them. Naturally, if you have to be away then you obviously can't do them. Razz

I cannot speak for the other clan leaders, but for Militia - this is going to be the single most important thing that I will enforce rather strictly. Yes, I will be tracking your contribution numbers on a weekly basis. That said, this should be a fairly simple process and these quests take no longer than 10 minutes.

Admins/Mods - feel free to edit this as needed. I'm not going to finish this in my first run but I will put placeholders for coordinate/screenshots.



1) Starting NPC: [missing] in Chang'An at Coords: [missing]

2) Once you start the conversation things should be fairly straight forward as to how you get the quest. You will be presented with four choices, each corresponding to one of the four clan skills. They correspond as such:

Courage = [missing]
[missing] = [missing]
[missing] = [missing]
[missing] = [missing]

Direction should come from your clan leadership as to which skill you should be leveling. Please do not guess, if you do not know ask your leader or a senior member of your clan. This is a clan question, please do not use legion chat to ask it - each clan may be leveling a different skill.

3) The quest will always direct you NPC [missing] in Chang'An at coords [missing]. Use your quest log to auto travel there as usual.

4) The next step is variable, but it is always simple. Just follow the directions in your quest log to complete it. This should take roughly 5 minutes.

5) Once you complete the quest your chosen clan skill will level and you will get clan contribution. You will also recieve a Friendship Assembly Order. Please do not throw this away as it can lead to even great skill leveling. Simply group up with three other clan members (not legion). This is why everyone must level the clan skill so that it is easy for everyone to do the secondary quest with this item. Please ask in clan chat to find a party.


Part 1: Roll Call

1) Starting NPC: [missing] at Chang'An at Coords: [missing]

2) Select "Reporting for Duty" and feel good about yourself for doing one of the single easiest dailies in the game.

Part 2: Rebellion

1) Same NPC, but this time select "x Rebellion". The first word will be different dependant upon your level.

2) Refer to your quest log to see where the miniboss is that you need to kill.

3) Keep in mind that these mobs are much harder than your normal quest grind mob. If you need help ask for it in legion chat. We will help you.

*TIP*: If you are an apprentice, try to do this daily and your master's command at the same time. They are always for the same mob and it will double count the kill.

4) Return to the starting NPC for your reward and a nice little legion announcement that shows your general studdliness.
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Clan and Legion Daily Quests - Guide (In Progress)
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